School Excursions

School excursion tours and activities tailored for students that combine education with fun.

We offer one of the more fun school excursions students will experience. Our facilities will be enjoyed by children of all ages and we happily cater for all school groups. Our school groups are treated to educationally oriented tours that explore a range of learning experiences tailored to classes from Years three to VCE. 

Puzzle Island at A Maze’N Things is ideal for school students.  The myriad of optical illusions and problem-solving exercises means that students can be involved in hands-on activities and witness practical demonstrations.

For Year 11 Psychology students we have produced a number of worksheets that can be used on site. The subjects and activities covered include:

  • problem solving
  • mazes
  • visual perception
  • distance
  • lateral thinking

All are designed by experienced teachers, with targeted learning outcomes in mind. We have different programs that suit both secondary and primary school excursions.

As you can see, we enjoy offering a fun school excursion option and there is something here that will entertain any aged child.

Please email us at for more information about our popular Melbourne school excursion destination.

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