Five Fun Activities for National Science Week

15 August 2021


It’s National Science Week (14-22 August 2021), so to celebrate, we’ve rounded up five fun science activities for you and your family to try wherever you may be.


1) A Matter of Perspective 🤔

If you’ve ever visited the illusions here at A Maze’N Things, you’ve likely experienced our Shrinking Room!
It’s based on a principle commonly known as an Ames Room, named after scientist Adelbert Ames Jr., who studied visual perception in the 1950s.

Are you ready for a challenge of perspective?
Check out this video from Curiosity Show that shows you how to make your very own Ames window, another intriguing optical illusion.


2) Funny Faces 🤪

Here’s a sneak peak from our Illusion Rooms. Grab a mirror and try these exercises. Which ones can you do?

3) Chemistry 101 🧪

Lava lamps are back! 😄 Lava lamps and droplet displays have been favourites in our retail shop over the years, but do you know how they work? Maybe you could try making your own at home to find out.

You’ll need:

– vinegar,

– vegetable oil,

– baking soda

– a little bit of colour

(P.S. If you don’t have a lamp, no worries, this will still work!)


4) Say What You See 👀

Have you ever heard of the Stroop Effect? Try reading the sign below, using the colours, not the words.

An example of the Stroop Effect Illusion

How did you go? Did you make it to the end without a mistake? 😄


5) Sweet Science 🍬

Lastly, check out this cool experiment from Science Sparks with skittles and water!

We hope you have lots of fun with these activities, and we’d love to see how you go! Remember to share your #scienceweek creations with us by tagging us on Facebook and Instagram.

Happy Science Week!