Puzzle Island

Illusion Rooms
An amazing series of rooms, purpose built to confuse the eye and the mind.

  • Watch as water flows uphill,
  • See people fly
  • Ponder at our flooded house
  • Get shrunk in our Shrinking Room
  • Be confused in our Gravity Room
  • And even make yourself disappear!

Guaranteed to make anyone laugh!  

Puzzle Island
An interactive world of illusions, puzzles and challenges. 

  • Get lost in the Mirror Maze!
  • Get dizzy in the Rotating Room!
  • Get your head chopped off!
  • Fall off our 6.5 metre Look Out! Slide!
  • Fly around Phillip Island on our boogie boards
  • Make your very own flipbook where you are the star! 
  • Try the Giant Pinhead - where you can sculpture your whole body!

It is designed to involve all ages, we know you will be entertained far beyond expectations.