The AMAZING KAREL was a magician at the height of his powers during the “Golden Era of Magic” at the beginning of the 1900’s.


mm-image-3mm-image-5Known for grand illusions, he is best remembered for dramatically announcing to the world that he would perform the greatest disappearing act ever seen. It was to occur at the Princess Theatre in Melbourne on January 30th, 1907.

The theatre was full, and the press gathered for the spectacle. True to his word, after an evening of extraordinary magic, Karel disappeared with much fanfare, never to be seen nor heard from again.

Around this time, the Phillip Island Gazette reported strange occurrences, objects disappearing and unusual levitations. No explanation was offered.


Over a century later, the team from A Maze’N Things planned a new attraction and commenced excavation. Straight away they discovered strange sculptures, unusual objects and bizarre noises coming from the rocks.

Before long, they came across an underground wall. On breaking through the bricks, they couldn’t believe what they found. Was this where Karel disappeared to over 100 years ago?

Was he still here?

You be the judge.





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